Best AI Content Generator for Lazy Writing

AI is the latest buzzword in marketing and it has many uses. One of which is to generate ideas for content that you might not have been able to come up with on your own.

In short, Ai writing is a form of artificial intelligence which can be used to generate content for your website or blog. This article discusses how Ai content writing works and why it’s important to use this technology.

In order to keep up with other companies, many are turning to AI-generated content creation as a means of keeping their marketing fresh and new for readers.

By using this type of software, they’re able to create interesting articles about topics that might not have been available otherwise–or at least at an affordable cost!

The best part is that AI does all the work while still providing quality material so there’s no need for you to be a writer. (But it doesn’t hurt!)

In a Hurry? After months of researching and trying out various software, like Copy.AI, Copysmith
ShortlyAI, Writesonic, Nichesss, Content Villain, Rytr… these are the ones that I found the best and value for money auto content generators.

What is Ai content writing?

Ai content writing is generating original ideas and concepts for your business or blog. Some companies have tried to generate content themselves from scratch-but this takes time and can be tedious and lacking enthusiasm.

Companies looking to save time have turned to artificial intelligence writing as a solution since you can provide the software with key details about your company and in return, it will generate an article for you.

The resulting material is not only original but includes the knowledge of your company which gives it more authority and trustworthiness.

Ai content marketing

This is nothing but marketing the content created by ai using ai marketing tool. This will help you to drive traffic to your ai generated content.

What sort of topics can be written about?

There are many possibilities for the type of article that AI can produce for you! It’s up to you and what topic(s) your want discussed or covered at length on your website. Some common Examples Include:

Generating blog posts on certain topics: This will keep your company relevant, fresh and interesting to readers-even if you’re not a writer yourself!

Most content is just regurgitation-it’s the same ideas and points repeated over and over. Search engines have caught up to this and can recognize when you’ve rehashed an article, so it’s essential that your content be created from new ideas.

By using AI writing, you’ll always have something fresh for readers and search engine optimization.

How does it work?

In order to use ai content creation software, you will need access to an internet connection as well as a dedicated computer or laptop which will run the program. Once this is in place, you can use prompts which the software uses to generate an article.

You can provide the software with keyword ideas and topics that you want to discuss as well as information about your company or industry.

So, it’s important to make sure this is filled out accurately. This will help ensure that the resulting material is relevant and up-to-date.

You can then polish it with a little human touch and then publish it on your website or blog.

Benefits of AI content writing

  • Spend less time struggling with writing.
  • Organize all your important data in a single dashboard.
  • Build the business you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Delight your customers with insanely good content.
  • Experience that “what were we even doing before this” feeling.
  • 10X productivity
  • High-quality content
  • Natural flow and voice for an enjoyable read!

All in all, ai content writing is a better option for your business or blog than regurgitated articles and posts that everyone else uses to try and drive traffic and make sales.

Best ai content generator for content marketers

There are many ai content generators on the market after the release of GPT-3. And the best of them are,

Jasper AI

It is the best and most advanced ai content generator which can produce good quality articles on niches of your own choice or even in your business niche.

Generate unique content with just a few clicks. Jasper AI already produced billions of content for hundreds of users/businesses worldwide.  The community has over 50k+ members

it’s a bit pricey though…$119/month to unlock complete freedom. but very well worth the investment. It’s the one that I use.


If you are looking for a one-time deal, then this is the best ai content generating software. Mastering it is a bit difficult. however, once you master it, nothing is there to stop you. It’s better than outsourcing to cheap writers. I also have this.


Ai content writing is a way to save time and money by generating new, original articles that are relevant to your company or industry. By using AI software you can do this without having any knowledge of the English language.

Saving yourself countless hours spent struggling with grammar, spelling, and other issues related to not being able to communicate effectively in English.

Ai also makes it easier for businesses who don’t have a large marketing team on hand because they’ll always have something fresh for readers and search engine optimization?.

If You’re looking for an affordable option that will still generate unique content which has been created from scratch (not regurgitated) then Closerscopy may be best suited!

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