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AI Essay Writers: Get High Grades with Ai!

If you’re looking for a way to make writing your essays easier, then look no further than the ai essay writers! These amazing softwares can help you come up with great ideas, format your essay correctly, and proofread it (do it manually – I’ll tell you why below) so that there are no mistakes.

Using artificial intelligence essay writers is a great secret way for students who want to get their essays done on time and with high quality. You will be able to submit a perfect essay every time!

Some teachers may see this as unethical but it’s ethical. All we do is making the essay writing faster.

There are many ai essay writers out there and most of them are purely crap. To cut the chase short, The best at the moment is Jasper AI

Try out the Jasper AI writer today and see how much easier your academic life can be.


As a writer, I am always on the lookout for new tools to help me with my work. When I came across Jasper, I was immediately impressed.

Jasper is an AI content generator that will help you create marketing copy, blog articles, and profile sections on major social media platforms down to the writing level. Simply supply the title, a description, keywords, tone of voice, and Jasper will generate the body of your material.

What I love about Jasper is that it is so versatile. You can use it to create content for a wide range of purposes, from marketing materials to blog posts. And if you’re not sure what you want to write about, Jasper can help you with that too – just give it a few topics and it will come up with a range of ideas to choose from.

Best of all, Jasper is affordable and easy to use. You don’t need any special software or training – just enter your information into the online form and let Jasper do its thing.

Why Jasper is the best for Ai Essay writing:

Jasper is one-of-a-kind ai writer. The capacity to produce long-form AI content automatically is one of its most appealing features.

Simply write one sentence or a paragraph and let the program carry you through. Provide additional text or editing to keep Jasper on track, and your essay will be finished in no time!

However, it can be a little cold. To acquire that personal touch, you’ll have to modify it a bit.

The long-form assistant has two methods of use. You may start from the ground up and construct a new document that is suited to your needs. If you want to compose an essay, this is the approach to take.

Or adapt an existing workflow. You can import text that has already been written in a blog post or some other layout format.

Jasper can read back about 600 characters to identify the text and context, but in Boss Mode he’ll read backwards up to 3000 characters to help you get the best text out of him.

You can also give him voice commands ( Like we speak) to take right from within the editor without needing to write any code – no need to write anything yourself either! 

There are jasper boss commands for even faster writing.

Jasper ai languages for Essay writing

This is the languages you type that Jasper will read. It supports 25+ languages and dialects.

Bulgarian,Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish

How’s this possible? It is because jasper is integrated with with DeepL.



  • No limit to the output word count
  • Generates 99% unique content
  • Grammarly and Copyscape integration for grammar and plagiarism check
  • Simple UI
  • Easy learning Curve


  • It’s still necessary to edit and incorporate human input
  • We still need to continue to fact-check
  • Costly to employ only for the purpose of writing essays.

Jasper Ai Pricing

There are two plans. Starter and boss mode. A Jasper user’s subscription costs start from $29 or $59 per month, depending on the package. You can scale it as well, Jasper provides a 5-day money-back guarantee regardless of the plan you choose.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in essay writing

Better grades– With AI, your essays will be of much better quality than if you wrote them yourself. This is because a computer can analyze data and structure information in a more logical way than a human can.

Time saved– By using artificial intelligence, you can save time on tasks such as research and essay writing. You can use this time to study for exams or do other activities that are important to you.

Peace of mind– Knowing that an artificial intelligence program is helping you with your schoolwork can give you peace of mind. This is especially helpful if you are struggling with a particular subject or have a tight deadline.

Increased productivity – with the help of artificial intelligence, you can get your essays done quickly and efficiently

High quality papers – artificial intelligence can help you produce high quality papers that are sure to impress your professor

Error-free writing – with the help of a proofreader, artificial intelligence can help you avoid any mistakes in your essays

Drawbacks of artificial intelligence in essay writing

With the increasing use of artificial intelligence in many facets of our lives, it is natural to wonder if AI will soon take over the task of writing college application essays. Although this is a possibility, and has many benefits, there are some drawbacks to using it for essay writing. Some of these include:

Human error– Although artificial intelligence can help you write essays more quickly and accurately than a human can, it is not perfect. There may be times when the program makes a mistake that a human would not make.

Lack of creativity– Although artificial intelligence can help you structure your essays in a logical way, Sometimes, it cannot be creative. This means that your essays will not be as unique as they would be if you wrote them yourself.

Cost– In order to use artificial intelligence for essay writing, you need to purchase a subscription to a service such as Jasper Ai. This can be expensive

Future implications for artificial intelligence in essay writing

The future of artificial intelligence is unknown, but it is likely that it will play a great role in essay writing. Some possible implications include:

More accurate essays– As artificial intelligence technology improves, the accuracy of AI-written essays is likely to increase.

More affordable services– It is also likely that artificial intelligence will become more affordable over time, making it easier for students to use these services.

Integration with other technologies– It is possible that artificial intelligence will be integrated with other technologies, such as plagiarism & Grammar checkers (it’s already implemented in jasper ai), in order to create a more holistic writing experience.


Artificial intelligence technology has the potential to improve both the accuracy and affordability of artificial intelligence-written essays. In conclusion, artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad.

When used for essay writing, it can help you produce high quality papers that are sure to impress your professor.

Make sure to not brag about ai essay writers. sssss…keep it as a secret. bragging about using a software to write a research papers on university or high school is not a good idea.

It’s a baby step from outright plagiarism in that context (where the purpose is to assess the individual’s competency not Ai’s).

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