AI Story Writers: Best Tools for Story Writing in 2023 (with Pros & Cons)

If you are a story writer, story editor, or story producer, then it is important that you are aware of the AI story writing tools that are available right now. The future looks promising for story writers as more and more companies are investing in AI technology.

In this blog post, I am going to cover the best AI story writer tools with pros and cons so that you can make an educated decision about what will work best for your business!

AI-written stories are a possibility

While AI storytelling often seems like it’s a fairy tale, the potential for this tool is clear. As a creative writer, you understand how challenging the writing process can be.

You might create a story that you love but then find out it doesn’t work for the business. You have to go back and start all over again! AI writing tools can help with this dilemma because AI story writer tools can be guided to different directions.

In a rush? these are the ones that can be used to write an AI story.




AI Writing Stories: Yes – It’s a Real Thing

It may seem crazy for some to write stories using AI. I know that storytelling can be very challenging to write. When you are crafting a character you don’t have to do anything automatically. But AI is now making stories that have become reality.

The AI story writer tool is not perfect but it’s getting closer each day. As an investor or business owner, you need to decide if this type of technology is right for your story. I’ve included pros and cons to help you decide if AI story writer is worth it!

The Challenge

In the early days, the challenge for writers is to write creative stories. The basic idea is, these ai writers will fix our writer’s block and will write based on story plot. The software would help us in solving that initial obstacle. So, the AI has to keep working on it. Our End target is to write meaningful stories that connect with readers.

Don’t be afraid to give AI something to work with

The generator depends heavily upon how much text you send it. The Great Escape example gave us the simplest concept possible, although the story was beginning with a good introduction it wasn’t quite sure what story it should go from there. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work – but you need a software solution that works with it. We, therefore, changed the input information that we sent out to the hyper write generator for the purpose of producing something slightly more intriguing.

Don’t be afraid to take control of the writing

Those who want to work with AI often find it intimidating. This view of the situation makes it seem far from trustworthy. Although some cases of AI may be true, not everything requires that one sit down with an AI machine. You’ll just stop doing it. Not only do many artificial intelligence models remain incredibly biased. You control it. Aside from this, it is very risky to buy something that does not actually provide any value. Using artificial intelligence engine to help.

Don’t let AI write to a dead end

Generative text is largely dependent upon the types of written text it is given for working with. If the generator does not give direction he or she will write himself into the corners and write only non-sensical texts to himself.

The AI needs a good tool to do its job and provide a service. Maybe it might take several attempts before the generator spits something that will work for you.

Pros and Cons of AI Written Stories

But as always with anything related to AI, there are pros and cons that should be considered before jumping into the trend.

As more and more businesses begin using AI storytellers, it will become increasingly important for companies to weigh the costs and benefits of doing so. You should consider hiring a ai writer to help with story writing.

Luckily, many companies are beginning to offer free trials of their software so that business owners can try it out for themselves!

The first thing that needs to be considered about the use of an AI story writer tool is how much work will actually be required by a human being? Some people love this idea and others hate it.

If you can use story AI to write a story and then make changes as needed, the story will be much more successful in terms of sales and conversions!

The pros

No story writer required (so no need for writing degrees) – Much faster than human storytellers who often become bored or tired of story writing

With a little upfront guidance and occasional direction, AI authors can make your imagination explode with imaginative writing.

AI stories are usually unique or completely unrecognized. AI can exploit a huge repository of data worldwide and generate story ideas. Human writers face limitations of personal experiences.

It gathers data on everything. How can an artificial intelligence integrate all races in a page? It can tell a tale which never happened before using a perfect combination of action and dialogue.

The Cons

AI software requires a guide on this journey. So it still requires input from humans. While there is no maximum capability, an AI cannot exceed its programmatic ability. A story written by AI has rules that it cannot break or be followed because of programming.

For example, the software always follows the rules of grammar or the sentence structure as the program is designed for—so there are no chances for unexpected grammar.

AI story writer tools can be quite expensive and most companies do not offer a trial option – The technology is still in development and needs to become more advanced before it’s ready for business use. But we found out the one with free trials and fully usable.

To get all the features that can help with story development, you may have to buy the top plan but it is surely worth it.

Examples of AI written stories

It would seem as though AI could write stories. So I thought it would be fun to share some stories written in my head with an AI author I rely on every single day. This story may not be perfect, but it shows the capabilities of AI. Remember AI can produce higher quality outputs by writing more well in AI.

Can AI write funny stories?

Yes, AI storytellers can write funny stories. In fact, they may do a better job than humans because they’re not influenced by societal norms and political correctness. AI storytellers can also be programmed to generate new and unique jokes, which is something that humans are typically not able to do.

Fiction Writing with AI

Some people are concerned that AI storytellers will eventually take over the field of fiction writing. However, this is not likely to happen for a number of reasons.

First, AI storytellers require input from humans in order to generate stories. Second, they are not as good at generating complex characters and emotional responses as human writers are. Finally, most people prefer to read books written by humans rather than those written by machines.

So while it’s possible that AI storytellers may eventually replace human storytellers in some fields, it’s unlikely that they will completely overtake the market anytime soon.

Tell me about the Best AI Story Writers

When it comes to AI story writers, there are a few different programs that you can choose from. The following are the five best AI story writer tools according to our research:

Each of these programs has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before deciding which one is right for you.

Jasper AI

According to our research, Jasper story writing software is the best story writer tool, It has a free trial option that you can use without making any commitment. You don’t even have to come with story ideas.

For example, simply giving commands like ‘give me 3 story plots related to cats’ which gave me

1. A cat burglar is on the loose, and the police are hot on her trail! They know she’s only stolen from the richest homes in town, so they decide to stake out the biggest mansion in the city – but will they catch her before she strikes again?

2. A lonely old woman has a cat that she loves more than anything in the world. But when her cat dies, she finds herself struggling to cope. Will she be able to get through this tough time, or will the loss of her furry friend push her over the edge?

3. A mother and daughter are out for a walk when they see a cat stranded on a tree. They try to rescue it but end up getting stuck themselves.

As you can see, Jasper is very powerful. You can develop entire stories from these plots. Just a click will do it for ya.


  • Advanced
  • Great tool
  • Engaging content
  • Deep learning
  • Save time
  • Easy to write a short story
  • Boss mode for commands
  • Easy learning curve


  • Can become expensive with scaling

Shortly AI

Shortly is actually acquired by the conversion ai team. The same company behind Jasper. The reason to consider shortly is the pricing & Free flow interface which is an easy to use interface that’s free from distractions.

If you write ai novels, creative story or social media posts, It’s very easy to work with. Even writing long form content or writing short form content with deep understanding, it’s very good.

Another reason to consider shortly is that you can learn story writing quickly and easily, It has a really straightforward interface that acts as your personal story writer.

You will not regret learning story writing through Shortly Ai.


  • Incredible control
  • Affordable plan
  • The free form writing style
  • Good for longer stories
  • /instruct commands
  • Decent monthly plan


  • Less development after the acquisition


Closerscopy is the only tool with one time Lifetime deal that going with it at the moment.

It’s better to get closerscopy before the developer switch to a subscription model, if you are looking for a single investment tool and unlimited new stories.

Closrescopy is an incredible tool that can write high-quality content as well as unlimited words and unlimited usage. Writing skills are not even necessary.

What is amazing about closerscopy is, it has it’s own StoryAI which is trained to write stories. Creative writers will find this tool a blessing for their creative writing for original stories.


  • Great creative control
  • Fluent commands
  • Reasonable prices and Good deal for plans
  • good for content creation
  • Natural language


  • Slow compared to other tools
  • Medium learning curve



If you’re looking to create engaging creative stories with the help of AI, try rytr. The first step is to select a language from those available.

Next step is to choose from 10+ languages.

In Step 2, you can choose from 20+ tones for your type of content.

In Step 3, Select your use case. After opening the app, select Story plot from the menu.

Finally, in Step 4, Add some relevant inputs – keywords, phrases or titles – and click Ryte for me. That’s it! The AI generated text will appear instantly.

That’s it! You can generate more variants until you are satisfied.


  • Write fast for generating content
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Free form writing


  • UI still needs works

AI story writers Comparison

Pricing (monthly)$59/month (boss mode 50K credits)Lifetime deal $79/month$29/month
Learning CurveEasyMediumMediumEasy

The final verdict

Now become the fiction writer you’ve always dreamed of. As story writing becomes more and more popular, the demand for story writers will increase exponentially.

Writing a story is not always an easy task because it can be difficult to come up with new ideas that are both unique and captivating.

And when you do find an idea based on your own life or imagination, you may struggle in developing the story in such a way as to make readers want to read what happens next.

The good news is there are now AI story-writer tools available at our fingertips that help us overcome these challenges by providing fresh content we could never have dreamed of before.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one of these best tools and start writing your story today!

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