Closerscopy Review 2023: Should i Buy it?

What is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is an AI writing tool that helps businesses to write long-form copy in a short time without hiring a professional copywriter. Nico Engler started the company and built it all by himself, with just a few more team members. It’s not a huge company, though.

I bought this tool because of LTD and now using it for more than a month. It started as a mediocre tool and not impressed by very much at the beginning and even requested to get refund. but before that, I thought myself it’s an LTD deal and this tool may become something useful in the long run.

And I also saw, Nico’s post on facebook where he’s considering ending life time deal and switching to subscription model.

So i stayed and cancelled the refund request.

Was my decision right?

hell yeah! Closerscopy lately got tons of update and it’s a golden chance to get this tool at the moment.

The main competitors were Jasper (59/month)and Rytr ($29/month)

Both are monthly subscription starts at $29/month. Closerscopy do the same as others except in another angle.

How Closerscopy born?

OpenAI, a San Francisco based artificial intelligence research company, created GPT-3.

The main intention of the breakthrough was to create a tool with which people can automate tasks. This could be useful for companies that need more help with completing their work.

The GPT-3 AI can respond to any text you type into the computer by providing a piece of information that is related but relevant to the current context. This search function will be able to find an appropriate response within a short amount of time.

ClosersCopy : What can it be used for?

you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to write copy for social media ads&posts, blog posts, product descriptions, Youtube videos and more. You’ll also learn how to create engaging headlines and headers for your blog posts and articles.

You will then be able to apply these skills by creating your own Facebook ad by using AIDA or PAS strategy or generate Linkedin ads.

It’s not just training. They have the actual tapes and they are constantly watching them to ensure they are keeping up-to-date with the best practices of today’s marketing campaigns and sales conversations.

It’s not human… but… it sure is good. This is NOT your normal ‘copywriting tool’. This is a powerful AI (artificial intelligence) that generates copy… automatically… as you speak. It’s almost scary how good this thing is.

But, don’t worry, you still have complete control. You can stop the process at any time, edit the generated text or even type in your own words. It’s easy to use and it’s fast.

ClosersCopy Features

Getting started!

Inside Closerscopy, open the folder containing all files and locate your Downloads folder. You can open any document template and add relevant text to each document.

Or you can always start with a new template from the ever-growing library of templates. Once you’ve chosen your desired template, you can transition to the editing screen and follow the step-by-step copy wizard to start filling in blanks. it also have drag&drop editor for those who prefer that style

Follow these five simple steps to get started: Sign in =>Dashboard =>New Project =>New Document =>Open

Compose ( is now under rebuild)

You can use research, compose and outline an article with 1000+ words. It doesn’t need any human input to do it. It just needs a topic and voila you’ve your content!

It’s not perfect, but good so far. you’ve to polish the article anyway.

Longform Megatron

This is a long form writing tool. If you get stuck during writing, don’t worry. Load the longform and hit the write button. You can choose how creative you want to be and the length of your output, as well as the context you want to choose. You can go up to 3000 characters.


AI is NOT going to suddenly come up with the answer. It’s not going to ‘get it’ even if you tell it 100 times exactly what to do. This is NOT an intelligent tool. However, using these frameworks, AI will learn what you want and then give it to you… automatically… at an astonishing speed.

Step-by-Step Copy Wizard

It’s a step-by-step copy wizard that will guide you in writing your sales letters. There are about 750,000 words and phrases organized into categories to make it easier than ever for you to find what you need. Just load a template and you can write your draft.


Use it to instantly see how well you are doing… or… how weak you are. It will identify areas for you to work on so you can immediately become more effective. 

This will open up a whole new world of opportunities. You’ll be able to craft a personal message directly to them… and then… use that data to create even more effective campaigns.

The possibilities are endless. Using 50+ sales frameworks Let AI turn your conversations into offers! 

ClosersCopy currently has 4 analytic tools for writers: an emotional tone scoring tool, a keyword density finder, a spam analyzer & voice analysis. These are all really useful in the right situation and save you having to copy a sentence over and over again.

Copy Emotion Analysis

It analyses emotion in your copies. There’s another tool called instoried that do the same. It’s priced at $49 for LTD. Closerscopy have the same functionality and better.

Copy Spam Analysis

Bing and Google automatically flag the word ‘make money’. To remove it from your messages, you can use it.


it comes with Templates, words and backup and as well as,

Thesaurus Power Word Lookup (1000+) is a a free website with synonyms, antonyms, and related words.

If you work as a writer, you are probably familiar with power words and have even studied them at some point. Whether it’s by looking for lists of them, or researching.

ClosersCopy comes with this power word generator built in. With just a couple of clicks you can get searchable list of words to add to your content


  • Choice of not paying monthly like jasper ai, Shortlyai, or
  • Unlimited AI generation credits! Therefore, you never have to constantly worry about running out of credits.
  • The ability to generate long form copy (up to 3000 characters) in one go. for long form, closerscopy has implemented its own AI tech stack called Megatron.
  • Thousands of templates for ads, sales copy, and emails, for use in your business.
  • Closerscopy interface and layout is some of the easiest to use, as well as a huge database of templates. The intuitive drag and drop builder creates a new copy with just one click.
  • Life time deal with all future updates promised!
  • For expert copywriters, they can benefit from these features in addition to analysis of sentence length, emotion conveyed and important keywords.
  • Your drafts and projects are safe in the cloud, and collaborative features allow you to work with your team.
  • When you hire a professional copywriter, they take into account the tastes and needs of your audience. AI is trained on this and will use more natural language to speak to them.
  • Many professionals keep templates of their catchy copy. Store them in your library and re-use them when needed.
  • Affordable


  • For me, the lack of proper tutorials is what bugged me. I’ve to search through the official facebook group for instructions . But don’t worry. Tutorials are coming soon and it’s not going to be a problem. you can use this tutorial if need.
  • I’ve tried messing with longform. It’s not as good compared to competitors at the moment. But i’m pretty sure megatron longform will become better.
  • No built in plagiarism checker. I’ve rytr as well. it’s plagiarism credits with copyscape runout very fast.
  • Need a bit learning on your part

Do I Need Prior Knowledge to Get Started?

No but it’s better reading getting started guide inside the tool

To get the most out of the software, be sure to start with an open sentence to provide some guidance and then hit the ‘write’ button. You’ll be more than impressed by what it produces..

ClosersCopy vs the competition

Close competitors are rytr and Jasper. There are their own with unique value proposition at different price bracket and are subscription based. On the other hand, compared to other tools, Closerscopy have LTD deal running at the moment.

Conclusion: Should You Get the Closerscopy?

It’s a gem in the bucket. Highly underrated and have everything that expensive tools out there.

It’s like having a personal copywriting coach in your pocket. The possibilities are endless. You’ll be amazed at what the wizard can do for you.

ClosersCopy is surprisingly easy for anyone to use, and it has plenty of features that even high-level copywriters would appreciate.

Basically, it’s perfect for people who see writing as an essential part of their business.

They work well for sales letters, email text and website copy though. So, if your business needs a lot of that then you might be interested in giving it a try.

There’s a great LTD going on. I saw the founder mentioning he’s thinking of ending this offer soon. I would suggest grab it if you like to spin it for 30 days and if you don’t like it which is unlikely. You can ask for refund. there’s 30 days money back guarantee on it.

Overall : 8/10

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