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MorningScore Review: Affordable SEO tool for Agencies

In the search engine optimization space, there are many tools that can help you learn more about your website and how to improve it for search engines. One of these is Morning Score SEO Review, a tool that allows users to see an overview of their site’s performance regarding SEO.

Why I love this tool – Extracting competitor keywords & backlinks!

When it comes to SEO, you know what’s the most important before everything else. Keyword research and backlinks. This is where it shines.

I love how easy it is to extract keywords& links from the content for a given site. Just simply add a site and extract keywords. This makes it so much easier than doing keyword research on my own. and find out competitor links.

There are other tools that offer similar services like ahref and semrush but the pricing options, making it less attractive for someone starting out. Those tools have some advanced functionalities unlike morningstar seo.

Morningstar is focused on the most basic core features that everyone needs at an affordable price. The most basic plan is enough for most people i think.

See All your Competitor BACKLINKS

Get a complete list of your website links. Then, keep track of your links so that you know when they are gaining or losing. There is a rating for how good the website is based on how many strong links are pointing to it. Add your competitor and extract their links as well! 🙂

SET UP Gamified Helpful missions

The missions feature in Morningscore helps motivate you to work on the tasks that have the biggest impact on your SEO. You can use suggested missions, or set up unique ones. This is more like a motivating factor considering how long you’ve to wait and wait to see impact of your seo work on google

SEO Report

You can create your report in 3 easy steps. Just enter your domain, the keywords you want to rank for and generate a report. You can then see how many links are pointing at that page as well as what other pages have been linked from it!

This is great for SEO managers who wants submit a report for their client every month.

Rank tracker & Keyword research

Morningscore’s rank tracker will tell you which keywords to target for your SEO, how well competitors are doing with those same terms. You’ll also get in-depth insights that can help improve the content of every page on your website so it ranks higher than ever before!

However, The keyword research part is not that good. It doesn’t have any filter..

Website Health

Morningscore’s health tool will show you how your website is doing based on Google guidelines. It will tell you the things that need to be fixed and what to do about them includig technical SEO. You also get a score of how much it affects your total Healthscore, so you can work on the most important parts first.


You can see how many people visit your website every month. Also, can see how many people visit the websites of your competitors.

Final words

It’s not hurting to try this tool here. You can try 14-DAY Trial 100% free. In my opinion this tools is best for digital agency owners as they can easily generate SEO reports, extract links and keywords from competitors. And not for someone very intensive on keyword research. It’s lacking in that part.

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