WriterZen Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More

The internet is a wild place to be, with new things popping up all the time and many of them going unnoticed. One such example is Writerzen, an All in one Integrated SEO tool that has been gaining traction lately.

Writers are always looking for tools that make their job easier, especially when it comes to publishing content online. I’m one of those who bought this tool and thought to write a review what Writerzen does and why you should consider using it for your next project!

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Quick intro

Started as an SEO company in vietnam in about in 2018. Their HQ is in Singapore. What this product does is it helps you throughout the whole research process all the way from keyword research to topic research and then content writing. In addition to that, they’ve added plagiarism checker and keyword importer.

If you look at the market today, you can see that all these process are fragmented and there are individual seo tools for it. What Writerzen done is, This tool integrated all those Process into one and saving tons of time. And the question is, are they good?


They have trial, premium and platinum plans. I’ve illustrated the plans below in picture for easy reference. In addition to this, they have a customized enterprise plan if you have a lot of business needs and the above plans doesn’t fit for you.

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As you can see, this is the user interface. It has 3 options as I mentioned earlier. Topic discovery, content creator and keyword explorer. And on the left side, have the option for plagiarism checker and keyword importing

Keyword explorer features

This is the keyword explorer and you can see that it has a lot of features. The first one is an autocomplete function for users to find keyword data as they type or when they input their own keywords, and this will save time by shortening the process. Then the option to get keyword insights and then keyword clustering.

It also have other SEO metrics, which are really important if you want your content to rank on top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keyword Data

I’m noting down the key featured here!

1.Writerzen gets keyword data from google

2.Allintile and KGR (keyword golden ratio).

In original KGR method, the allintitle is capped at a search volume of 250. writerzen, they developed it further to include more that 250.

It looks like this

KGR = Allintitle / SearchVol x ClassRatio


ClassRatio Ratio we developed to classify value for 3 different keywords level

Level 1: Top value keywords – Low allintitle competition & high search volume

Allintitle < 100 & Search Vol >100: KGR range 0 – 30

Level 2: Medium value keywords – Low allintitle competition & low search volume

Allintitle < 100 & Search Vol < 100: KGR range 30 – 70

Level 3: High competition keywords – High allintitle competition

Allintitle > 100

And the cool thing is It can mass check both these metrics, so that you can easily find the low competition tool. I haven’t come across any such tool that can do all this at once.

To run, Allintitle and KGR, you need credits. once you find KGR, you can filter the table to find easy to target high value keywords.

And here’s the other complete keyword data filters. It has all other filters like other keyword tool.

And if you click on individual keyword, it’ll show the SERP rankings for that keyword as well as other metrics like keyword competition and search volume.

Keyword Difficulty score needs to optimized though. and its coming

B)Keyword Insights

What it does is give you question keywords. this is good for creating FAQ section in your content.

C)Content Clustering – Killer’s Feature!

This is the exciting feature that caught my attention. You can cluster the related keywords together under closely related topics. And can even export as well. The best use case is clustering keywords that you selected using filters.

This is great for increasing topical relevance of the content in your website and as well structuring.

My feedback

Great tool. I wish there is a rank tracker for keywords as well :). There’s delay in data gathering. I suppose it’s due to real time gathering.

Topic Discovery feature

This is another good way to find topics related to your main keyword. The tool brings top relevant topics related keywords. So you can get an idea of what topics to write next.

My feedback review

  • Other language keywords topics relevancy is way off. English language is good.

Content Creator feature

So far nothing fancy compared to other tools like frase or surferseo or marketmuse or outranking for content briefing/outlining. Unlike other content tools, writerzen process is streamlined. First research and then write. in competitor tools this research and write process is simultaneous.

The cool feature that grabbed by attention is, if you’ve keyword list that you saved inside the software, you can import keywords in addition to the competitors keywords suggested by writerzen. And it also suggests opportunities in keywords too. And I forgot, it also shows usage of the keywords (where and how to) as well.

My Review feedback for content creator

  1. lack of importing existing content URL for improvement
  2. No content score
  3. Can’t compare my content vs. competitors
  4. No. Grammar check. But it’s coming.


  • Real-time feedback on your document’s content, including; paragraph count, words length and images
  • Plagiarism checker works good . You can scrutinize the level to low, med and high.

Overall Impression (Score 8/10)

What I liked the most is the keyword tool. It has KGR feature as well as clustering. And they’ll get updated with 3rd party data like ahref soon as well!.

Topic discovery is good. content creator feature is okyish and need more polish and features. The user seat is currently limited to 1.

Given the price of the tool, it’s a good investment. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on other keyword subscriptions, I’ll recommend this tool just for the first 2 features . keyword research workflow is very impressive to find untapped low competition keywords and topic discovery feature to write content.

Although it’s advertised as an Easy Content Creator for SEO, It’s not there yet. For content briefing and writing, other tools are still better. The tool is still infancy and getting big updates in the coming months including AI Writer. I hope backlink analysis like ahrefs, SEMrush will integrated 🙂

I’ll update this review as I play more with the tool. btw you can try the trial if you like.

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