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Lowfruits Review: Find low hanging fruit keywords for Easy Ranking!

It’s been a while since I wrote something. But I thought I should share something that’s valuable. But it’s at the same time highly underrated and hidden.

I have been using this tool ever since it came out. To summarize, if you want to dominate SERPs, I highly recommend this tool.

If you are doing SEO, then you know the importance of keywords. They are basically what decide whether people will find your content or not.

And if you want to rank higher on search engines, then you need to target the right keywords. But sometimes, it’s not easy to find the right keywords. That’s where Lowfruits comes in.

Lowfruits is a web app by Paul that helps you find low hanging fruit keywords for easy ranking. It analyzes SERPs in bulk and reveals the real weak keywords. This is what was advertised.

But does Lowfruits work?

Yes!!!! It does work 100%. I have used expensive tools like ahref, SEMrush… blah blah blah. I don’t want to compare it to those. They are not the same.

And this one is the Swiss army knife of keyword tools. The close competitor is the keyword chef by Ben Adler. Both tools have case studies on their websites. I have used both.

And out of both, Lowfruit is what i prefer simply due to its clean interface and easy to digest information. What i like most is the extract keywords from the weak domain..hmm

Lowfruits Pricing and Plans

You can start off by buying and using LowFruits credits for just $25. LowFruits uses a pay-as-you-go credit system. You can purchase as many credits as you want. Therefore, you only need to pay for the credits you want to use for keyword analysis.

If you are into regular keyword searching, you’d better go for monthly subscription plans. There are two pricing plans. One is Standard at $29.90/month and Premium at $79.90/month, but if you choose the yearly plan you can get 2 months free.

Sign up for the subscription plan if you like to do a lot of heavy lifting and want special features like being able to pull keywords from the websites of your competitors. You’ll get 5x more keyword ideas and can easily find top performing websites in your niche.

Pros of lowfruits:

  • Fair Pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Clean UI
  • Low hanging fruits keywords
  • You can submit ideas fo the software to improve
  • Additional Filtering opportunities by search intent, words, DA…etc
  • Topical clustering

Cons of lowfruits:

  • Credits don’t roll over to next month in subscription plan
  • Credits gets exhausted very fast

How do you use LowFruits? 

  • There are multiple ways to start. However, the basic principle is that you enter your seed keyword in to the Keyword finder box or Import (and analyze) keywords in bulk.
  • Then set the country and language you want. Then hit the find keywords button! Then it’ll extract longtail keyword ideas and get you a list of potential long-tail keywords straight from Google Auto Complete. The tool automatically applies about 200 modifiers around your seed keyword to get the low fruit keywords.

It’ll then give you two options to

  • Access all keyword ideas – FREE

You then select the specific keywords you want to analyze

  • Access all keyword ideas+ analyze all high-intent keywords – Which uses up credits)

So choose wisely if you want to save your credits!

From the list of keywords, select and apply the filters and start analyzing the ones you find most interesting.

Finally, find the low-hanging fruit keywords with the most low hanging fruit colors and import them for content creation.

What to do after finding lowfruit keywords? You have to create fairly decent quality content around it.

My Success Rate with Lowfruits

I didn’t bite into the case study on the lowfruit website. I chose to wet my hands with lowfruits.

And surprisingly, my keyword research with Lowfruits SEO turned out fairly successful. I managed to find profitable keywords with little competition. 

Also, had a pretty high success rate in ranking for these keywords with Jasper AI.

Final Verdict

This tool is amazing value for the money spent. Unlike expensive and complicated tools like ahref, it’s simple and straight-forward.

In short, if you are looking for an all-in-one keyword research tool that gives you the ability to find weak keywords with ease, then LowFruits is the tool you need!

If you want an uncomplicated keyword research tool for your new website, this is it! You can tackle the more difficult stuff later.

With the right filters, Kw research can be boosted further. It should definitely be in your SEO stack.

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