Surfer SEO vs. Writerzen vs. Page Optimizer Pro : Which one to get?

You don’t need special software to help you with knowing what to write or the language to use if you’re an expert in your niche and the competition is poor.

If that’s not the case, you might need content optimization tools. Because google updates algorithms, competitors update their pages, and new competitors pop up every day.

Or If you’re looking to write with greater expertise in a given subject matter, or increase organic traffic through high-volume keywords, it’s important to find an SEO tool that specializes in optimizing content.

Solutions that focus exclusively on content optimization can help identify any issues with your current content, so you can refine it and make it more effective for higher ranking in google.

There are many available on the market

What I actually use on daily basis are surfer and writerzen.

I’ve already written reviews of surfer SEO and Writerzen in my site. I’ll write the review of pop later.

However. today I like to compare Surfer, writerzen and pop.

If you want a quick winner and the bes. SurferSEO is the go to option.

If you want value for features and don’t want to break the bank Writerzen is the one to choose. There was a LTD deal before. Now it’s gone I think.

I’ll explain why

All these tools come with the same features as well as unique features.

The normal work flow of a content creator is , Find low-competition keywords using keyword research-> Create content around them -> optimize content -> Then publish.

Out of these tools, Writerzen helps you from the start to finish in the workflow. Whereas surferseo can do outlining the content structure, quick generation of AI paragraphs and optimize using keywords.

And there’s something new called growflow where you can add your site and gets recommendation on what to do next.

POP can do on page optimization and there’s a feature called watchdogs to monitor changes and get reports.

Pricing comparison

PricingBasic ($59/month) Pro ($119/month) Business ($239/month) Basic ($39/month) Standard ($59/month) Advanced ($99/month)Basic ($22/month) Premium ($33) Unlimited ($44/month))

Surfer SEO vs Writerzen vs POP Features Overview

Key features of Surfer SEOKey features of WriterzenKey features POP
Keyword ResearchTopic DiscoveryWhite Label Report
CollaborationKeyword ExplorerEAT Analysis
IntegrationContent CreatorChrome Extension
Chrome ExtensionContent Writing
Keyword Recommendations
SERP AnalyzerAi Assistant
Content PlannerPlagiarism Checker
Audit ToolNLP
Content EditorKeyword Explorer

As you can see, these tools are feature loaded with both unique and similar. What we actually interested is the content optimization part. In this regard, Surfer is better compared to the other two. And with Jasper integration, it is way faster and easy to work with.

Final Verdict – Why choose SurferSEO Over Others?

Ease of UseSurfer SEO
Learning CurveSurfer SEO
Loading SpeedSurfer SEO
Content OptimizationSurfer SEO
Content PlannerSurfer SEO
AI writerWriterzen
KW ResearchWriterzen
Whitelabel ReportsPOP
Chrome ExtensionSurfer SEO

Surfer SEO actually yields Results. The UI is crystal clear, easy to work with and Faster Loading compared to writerzen and pop. The pricing may be steep for some but there are many free ways to get additional credits.

The outlining feature is dope where you get AI paragraph writer. This helps with fast content production.

The keyword finder functionally on Surfer is virtually non-existent and sucks. 

POP is a good tool but didn’t like it’s UI and is honestly not pleasant to work with despite being fast.

Writerzen is amazing value for money. And it’s great for cutting content production costs. However, you have to go through many tutorials to actually get master the tool. And you may have to purchase additional credits if you run out of credits. 

I mostly use it for keyword research. 

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