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8 Best AI Writing Software Assistants in 2023 [Write with Zero Experience]

Anyone who has ever written copy knows that it can be difficult. It is even more difficult when you are writing for a website or ad campaign.

You’re not alone. Many marketers are eager for this “goldmine” of content – converting leads into customers. But, creating flawless copy can be challenging. Especially if you are not a seasoned pro.

You might be thinking “I could never afford to hire a content writer.” But that’s not the case. A good ai content writer is worth every penny – and often, much more.

Think about it: How many hours have you spent reading online articles that are written poorly? How many times have you read an ad or a sales pitch that just wasn’t written well?

It’s a sad fact of life that most people who try to sell you something online fail miserably. And it’s usually not because they aren’t trying hard.

No. It’s usually because they don’t have an understanding of what makes marketing work. They don’t know copywriting or ai techniques or anything about how to make a sale.

That’s where a good ai content writing software comes in. They not only write the copy for you, they also help you understand what makes the marketing work, and helps you achieve a much higher success rate.

They will do all the research and testing for you, and often, save you a lot of money in the process.

These writing assistants are not just for creating and drafting content, they also generate excellent sales-ready text.

There are so many choices out there, but we have narrowed down our favorites to the best Ai Copywriting Tools on the market. These are the tools that we are using and have experience with it.

1. Jasper.ai

No matter what kind of copywriting / marketing you do, if you get stuck, Jasper ai can help. It’s an amazing tool that will solve most writing/marketing problems in a jiffy.

Many times I find it helpful to have a few “escape” cards when I’m stuck. This tool is one I reach for when I need a mental lift. I’ve been using this tool every day for several months to help me write various types of marketing material, including the ones that you are reading right now.

When I first learned about AI, I thought it was going to be really helpful. But, after using it for a month, I found out it is even more powerful!

It has been trained by some of the best copywriters and conversion experts in the world. Therefore, you can expect the output from this AI to be of much higher quality than other AI’s.

It really helps! Remember those three little words that were repeated over and over throughout the course of this sales pitch? You know what I’m talking about.

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Jasper offers 2 different pricing plans at the moment:

On the starter plan, For $29/ month you’ll get 20,000 words,

Boss Mode:- unlimited plan $119 for a month.(discontinued)

Boss mode now starts at $59/month

The Jasper Boss Mode plan is for anyone who really wants to take their productivity to the next level. You’ll get all the features of the Pro plan, but you will also have access to some exclusive features like Jasper commands and unlimited runs.

I advise taking this opportunity. There will also be Black Friday deals.


  • Boss Mode
  • Very fast
  • Simple & easy to use UI
  • Frequent updates and features
  • Recipies to create quick posts
  • Great community
  • Tutorials are plenty


  • Technical topics are hard for it and you need to the factual feed info via content brief
  • It sometimes spits non factual information

2. Closerscopy

Without a doubt, it’s the best piece of copywriting software available with Lifetime deal purchase and all the future updates… period. This product is a no-brainer if you are serious about making a successful living as a copywriter but limited on budget. You can’t go wrong with ClosersCopy.

You don’t have to create everything from scratch. Sometimes using an Ai assistant like this can be a big time saver when you’re inspired by other people’s material. It can also help you create more effective copy for your own promotions.

Both ClosersCopy and Jasper.ai have a team function, so they are great for agencies that need tons of high-quality content.

Read closerscopy full review here


Lifetime deal


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Life Time deal with updates
  • Paying option as installment
  • Proven sales copy


  • UI could have been better
  • Learning curve
  • A bit slow

3. Rytr.me

When it comes to creating content, there really is no such thing as “writer’s block”. However, there is something that does happen to many people which can lead to them feeling stuck and unable to create great content. That something is research.

Most people need to do a significant amount of research before they can create great content. Research isn’t difficult; it’s just time-consuming. When you use Rytr to create your content, the research is done for you, all you have to do is simply write it out using rytr.me ai in an intelligent fashion.

I knew canceling the rytr subscription would be hard for me. I’ve been a subscriber for several months and had grown quite attached to the program.

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to stay on top of the latest advancements so you aren’t left behind by your competition. That’s why I use both programs on an ongoing basis. I think they are all extremely valuable, and I know I can rely on each of them having given me month’s worth of well-tested strategies.

Read rytr.me ai full review here


  • Simple UI
  • fast
  • Chrome extension
  • 20+ Use cases


  • Long-form content is still hard to write


The headline is the most important part of any sales pitch. It’s what grabs your reader’s attention and compels him to read the copy that follows. In fact, many marketers believe the first three words (the headline) of a piece of the copy are worth more than the rest of the copy combined! When it comes to headlines, you always want to aim as high as you can.

Aim as high as you can without going off the cliff. Copy Ai does this! Their solution is less expensive and much faster than using a freelancer.

GPT-3, the secret algorithm behind Copy AI, automates many aspects of writing. It produces Automated Social Media Posts, Automated Blog Post Content, Automated Website Copy, Automated Product Descriptions, Automated E-Commerce Product Descriptions, Automated Digital Advertising Copy Obviously, these are all important pieces of content that help generate revenue in a given space.

CopyAI will write high-converting sales pitches for your eCommerce websites. It will do this at a cost that is a fraction of what a human copywriter could charge, and it will get the job done faster and with much higher quality.


7-day free trial with no credit card required.


  • Unlimited revisions
  • Very cheap price.
  • The low price point makes this product a no-brainer for any serious marketer.
  • Quality content can be created in less than 5-seconds.
  • UI is excellent
  • This is the type of information people desperately need and will love you for giving it to them.
  • Writer’s block is eliminated because you have an endless supply of content to create.
  • This is the best website to create an endless supply of content for any marketing campaign.
  • 20+ language support


  • long-form content creation is hard

5. WordTune

Advanced, neural-net-based NLP technology combined with standard AI tools. That sure sounds technical doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s very simple and easy-to-understand technology that allows Wordtune to understand the meaning of what you write, and then suggest “instant” improvements that make your writing more clear, concise, and compelling.

Writing better doesn’t mean you have to worry about using the right grammar or making sure your sentences are syntactically correct. The competitor Grammarly focuses on readability, not grammar. When you use it, the program attempts to make your writing clearer and more understandable.

Pricing: free trial.


Readability is improved

simple user interface

Chrome extension



It can’t generate long form content like other ai based writing software.

6. Gocopy [best free ai writing assistant]

gocopy is a Free AI writing software that helps copywriters and marketers improve their written communications. It automatically analyzes their content and gives suggestions on how to improve the quality of their writing.


  • A quick process to get started.
  • a free artificial intelligence tool to shorten or rewrite your sentences.
  • The user interface is simple and enjoyable to use.
  • It is possible to copy and paste rich text from the editor.


  • Limited content templates

7. INK Editor. 

The best writing / SEO software (including this one) helps you write better, which brings more readers, which increases your sales, which makes you more money.

Indeed, a recent study suggests that websites with better-written content (as rated by an independent third-party) enjoy a 50% increase in average order values over those same websites with poor content.

The INKEditor feature mentioned above (enhanced with the INK SEO Assistant) is especially useful for improving the quality of your website copy. This is a great application for people who struggle with writing complex sentences.

8. Copysmith

Pricing: Starts at $19. There’s a 3-day free trial

Copysmith is an AI writer that has 30+ templates, including Facebook Ads, Pitch Yourself, Event Press Release and Content Rewriter.

These are the same great templates used by the pros – but they’re in an easy-to-use, simple interface that no one will ever guess is an AI system.

Copysmith is a go to tool for any marketer who needs to create compelling copy for their marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large brand, you can use this AI to easily create killer headlines (known as “CTA” or “Call-To-Action” headlines), sales pitches, website sales pages, Facebook ads and much more.

With CopySmith you can create folders to keep your content organized and you can easily test out the software with a 3-day free trial. It’s not as automated as other programs, but it’s a very powerful tool to have nonetheless.

If you use Chrome, you should use the Copysmith Chrome browser extension. It’s the best tool for making better content – and for making it faster!

Final question: Which Ai writing software to use?

If I can only buy one and have a limited budget, I would get the closerscopy. The best option, though, is using a combination of three or two of your choice.

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